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Fine men naked and in suits. Have mercy.


Please tag your porn *¬*

dear god o_o

Tastefully naked and suited men, I salute you. I like that you appear confident, non-exploited, yet also non-gloating. You look like men of class. Your nakedness and your suitedness is both artistic and attractive.

A+ and thank you. :)

Artwork - woo!

Today, I made a thing; this thing:

I made this for use as an illustration for a thing I’m gonna do when I reach 500 followers on Twitter. (But shh! Don’t tell everyone, yet, as there’s still a lot left to do!) The original was done in silver paint, which doesn’t scan well. As evidence, you can see an unfiltered version of the original below (I’ve made the black background more even in photoshop, but that’s it):

Particularly if you click on close-up you can see that the silver paint just looks weird. Which is a shame, because it looks awesome in person, but c’est le vie.

Anyway, I thought I would share because it’s been really nice to do some artwork again, and this was probably the most ambitious of the illustrations I’ve done so far, and, you know, nakedness. I know tumblr likes nakedness. There are still some things wrong with it. For example, his left (our right) knee is oddly shaped, which is a shame, because I got the right one looking fine in the end. I’m pretty sure gentlemen don’t need left knees, but whatever, I’m not in charge of that. I had a lot more trouble with the legs as I couldn’t find any references that were in the stance I wanted that were also in the right kind of lighting. I made quite a few mistakes as a result, but overall this is much better than it was, so I’m going to stop tinkering.